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Simple Flip Phones for Seniors Large Keys and Speakerphone

Everyone knows that Millenials love smartphones, but Baby Boomers? Not so much. That's because even the youngest Boomers are approaching 60, and failing eyesight paired with less dexterity mean older model flip phones are often your best bet.

Some suggestions on simple flip phones for seniors large keys and speakerphone: Any of the Pantech Breeze phones for AT&T. The original Pantech C520 is great. From it's extra-large color display to its simplified user interface and back-lit EZ One-Touch Quick Call keys - this phone is easy to use for both children and adults.

The Pantech Breeze III is an easy to use device with large-sized keys and a very user-friendly menu that helps you access utilities without hassle. Features on this Pantech flip phone include voice recognition, 1.3 Megapixel Camera with a 4x digital zoom, web browser, Bluetooth, music player and games.

On the Verizon network the Motorola Adventure V750 Flip Phone has large numerals and an easy interface. As a Flip Phone it also helps people avoid those annoying "butt-dial" calls.

For Sprint a good phone is the Kyocera E4210 Duracore. Encased in a rubber, non-slip Dura-Grip® material for sure hold and extra durability • Robust, bi-directional speakerphone • Non-camera phone for jobs where cameras are prohibited • Large font option for menus.

For T-Mobile cusrtomers the Samsung T-139 Flip Phone is a good choice. It has a large display and big numerals. It can be used to talk, text, and take pictures, but it is a very simple phone.

MobileCellMart.Com has all of these phones, and many more that are good for Seniors.

Reliable Cell Phones for Less than $50.00.

Shopping for a replacement cell phone can be tricky. You want a phone with all the features you rely on, at the lowest price. Brand new smartphones can run well over $500.00, some getting close to $1000! But if you are just looking for a reliable phone to text and make calls, there is plenty available for less than $50.00.

For example, The Sprint, Motorola XT603 Admiral Cell Phone is the first Rugged Android-powered smartphone to offer Direct Connect push-to-talk capabilities The Admiral features a 3.1-inch VGA touch screen display -- made from scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass -- a QWERTY Keyboard and runs on Sprint's Network.

For Verizon there is the Motorola Q. This Smartphone combines RAZR styling with a BlackBerry-like form factor. Key features include Windows Mobile 5, a QWERTY keyboard, EV-DO high-speed data, Bluetooth (with stereo), and a megapixel camera.

At&T has the Motorola Qph. This second-generation Q for GSM/WCDMA networks sports a sleek design with larger keys. Key features of this smartphone include Windows Mobile 6, HSDPA high-speed data, and large internal memory plus a memory card slot. Other features include stereo Bluetooth and a 2 megapixel camera.

T-Mobile has the Samsung Gravity 669. The Samsung T669 Gravity T provides a premium touch and messaging experience. It features a 2.8-inch touch screen display with a slide-out keyboard, a 2.0-megapixel camera and camcorder, music player, Web browser and a microSD slot for up to 16GB of extra memory.

All of these phones are selling for less than $50.00 on MobileCellMart.com. In fact there are hundreds of phones for less than $50.00 on MobileCellMart, for all 4 major carriers.

Check out MobileCellMart for your replacement phone today!

Some Reliable Samsung Cell Phones

The aftermath of Samsung's disasterous release and then recall of it's Note7 phone may have many loyal Samsung fans wondering what went wrong. The phone was recalled because some of them overheated and even exploded, and the Note7 is no longer allowed on US airplanes.

However Samsung has a long history of reliable phones and the best way to find them is to check out used phones being sold on sites  like MobileCellMart.com. For one thing, used cell phones have a proven track record: they have already been used by satisfied customers. No exploding phones here!

For example the Samsung Knack is an extremely well-built and intuitive design are excellent call quality and a solid, functional feature set that includes voice dialing. This is an ideal phone for anyone looking for a basic phone for communication, large keys and simple menus also position it as a great option for seniors, kids, cell phone newbies, or fans of basic cell phones.

The Samsung Convoy and Convoy2 are extremely popular and reliable. In fact the Convoy 2  features includes push-to-talk, military-grade durability, memory card slot, stereo Bluetooth, and music player with external controls.

T-Mobile has a great Samsung phone in the SGH-T249. This update to the T239 adds a memory card slot, music player, and video recording. Other features of this entry-level GSM slider include camera, mobile web browser, and Java for downloadable games.

AT&T has a popular Samsung Flip Phone that will bring back some memories, the Samsung SGH-X497 is a tri-band 850/1800/1900 GSM phone in a clamshell form-factor that has two displays - greyscale external, and color internal. The Samsung SGH-X497 Small Flip Cell Phone with Color Display has many features and is a excellent compact phone that is durable and has long battery life.

So consider Samsung's backlog of phones when looking to purchase, it's hard to go wrong!

Where Can You Find Flip Phones For Sale on the Internet??

My first cell phone was a flip phone, a Motorola Razr, one of the most popular models ever. I loved that phone, it made me feel like a character on Star Trek when I would flip open my "communicator" and talk. It fit easily in my back pocket, and because of the neat design I never accidentally called anyone when it was in my pocket or purse.

Smartphones are the in thing now, but flip phones are making a comeback in some places. According to an online article in the Guardian. celebrities like Rhianna, and Anna Wintour (the editor of Vogue Magazine) have been spotted with flip phones and old time rocker Iggy Pop says he uses a flip phone. What's the deal? It could be a reaction to ongoing scandals of nude photos being taken from celebrity internet accounts.

However, flip phones with internet access are not any more secure than smartphones. And flip phones have never totally gone away, in fact they are still very popular with the general public. Some models are incredibly sturdy and can handle rough treatment. Some of these include the Verizon Motorola Barrage, The Samsung Convoy for Verizon, and yes the Motorola Razr and Krazr, also for Verizon. are still around.

Other carriers also have popular Flip Phones. AT&T has the  Rugby series, phones that are built to military specifications. Several of the Kyocera models for Sprint are also rugged and durable. They include the Kyocera Duramax, the Duracore, and the DuraXT. Consumers can also buy Motorola Razrs in many colors, and Krazrs for T-Mobile.

Where can you find these phones?

On websites like MobileCellMart.com, which sells used and refurbished phones. Prices are usually well below $100.00 making these phones incredibly affordable. They are great choices for outdoorsmen, and even accident-prone teenagers.

Smartphones currently seem to just be getting bigger and bigger, but there will always be a place for small phones, especially ones that flip open!

Popular Cell Phones You Can't Find Anymore

We know many folks have to have the latest in cell phone wizardry, lining up for hours to purchase smartphones. However there are probably just as many people who are nostalgic for a simpler time, a time when your phone wouldn't shatter if dropped. a time when cell phones were used more for talking than texting, and having a camera was just icing on the cake.


My first cell phone was the extremely popular Motorola Razr. A flip phone it had everything I needed as the busy mom of a 3 year old boy. Now I could save time by making calls while running errands.(this was before any talk of distracted driving. I also felt my 3 year old having a tantrum was more distracting than my cell phone) Plus it was a cool looking flip-phone that reminded me of the communicators on "Star Trek". I had that phone for several years.

Motorola stopped making the flip phone Razrs many years ago, so many fans moved on. But you don't have to. MobileCellMart is home to hundreds of used cell phones that work, ready to be purchased by anyone nostalgic for their first phone, or their all time favorite phone. You can't find these phones at the big box stores, or at the AT&T, Verizon,Sprint or T-mobile stores. You can find Razrs for both Verizon and Sprint at MobileCellMart.com.

Another example is the Samsung Rugby for AT&T. The Rugby is also a flip phone, and a rugged one built to military specifications. It can survive a dip in the water, which is death to most smart phones. The Rugby III also features 3G data, push-to-talk, GPS navigation, music player, and microSD slot for additional storage.

Sprint has another phone in it's line that people remember fondly. The Kyocera Duracore flip phone is also built to military specs, and is rugged and waterproof. You can even pick the "largefont' option to make it easier to read.

MobileCellMart also carries many T-Mobile phones customers are looking for. One that has a large display screen but a slim screen is the Samsung T139 flip phone. It has  Bluetooth, VGA camera, speakerphone, and Java for downloadable games.

MobileCellMart.com also has sliding keyboard phones with a QWERTY layout, Blackberries (the orignial "smart phone") phones with out cameras, and much more.

Don't buy a used phone without checking MobileCellMart.com first!

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